For anyone interested in setting up a microbrewery, it is interesting to know that the beer manufacturing cost can range from a few thousand dollars to one million dollars or more. In setting up a microbrewery, there are several parameters that must be considered when it comes to setting up a microbrewery. Some of these parameters include the cost or your budget for beer factory setup cost in India, the equipment you have in mind, the volume to be produced and even the area where the microbrewery is to be sited.


One of the most important factors to be taken into consideration when dabbling into beer factory setup cost in India is the site or location of the brewery in question. Whichever area you are going to choose, you need to be sure that the place has enough capacity and space to accommodate all of the microbrewery. For those who have adequate financial resources, there are experts who can arrange the entire microbrewery equipment and beer plant cost, charges inclusive.

Apart from the space and the beer manufacturing cost, there are other things that must be considered before a location is chosen. The area should also have ample water supply, energy source and sanitary units as well. Since it is a microbrewery, the truth is that the place does not have to be fanciful or luxurious at all. In order to cut beer brewing machine cost in India, one can modify old areas and transform them into brewery sites. But for those who want to make use of this strategy, they must ensure at all times that the site meets the requirements set in place by the authorities as far as safety, sanitation and facilities are concerned.


 There is no brewery, either big or small, without the most fundamental items needed to make the beer – ingredients. Without these ingredients, no amount of beer manufacturing cost will make a difference. There are four principal ingredients needed in beer plant cost. These are yeast, hops, malted barley and interestingly, water. With these four primary ingredients, different types of alcoholic drinks can be made and it is the proportion and process of brewing involved that will determine the smoothness, frothiness, quality, color and taste of the beer. The next sections will outline each of these ingredients.

Hops–Sourced from the hop plant, hops are flowers that are used to add that distinctive bitter taste to the beer. Hops are also responsible for the stability, flavoring, fruitiness and even aromatic nature of beers. They are very important and they are considered totally relevant in every beer factory setup cost in India. There are various kinds of hops and each one gives its unique flavor or even bitterness to the beer. So, it is very important that you ensure that only experts handle the hops that go into the beer brewing machine cost in India. The type and proportion of the hops used have to be just perfect so that the taste of your beer band will be maintained.

Yeast–Absolutely crucial, yeast is needed for the conversion of the carbohydrates present in the barley and turn them into alcohol in a chemical process that is well-known as fermentation. Just like hops mention above, there are various kinds of yeast and it is important that the right kind of yeast is selected during beer plant cost. If the wrong type of yeast is selected, it will definitely affect the beer or any type of alcoholic drink produced.

Water–Well, you may think that water is simple or ordinary but the thing is that calculating the beer manufacturing cost, water takes on another dimension entirely. Much of beer itself is nothing but water and unlike what many will think, the water used domestically at home is not ideal for commercial beer brewing machine cost in India. For those who can afford it, purified water is always a much better option. This is because purified water does not contain the chemicals that can dramatically affect or influence the quality of the beer being brewed. In microbrewery, it is very important that every detail is carefully considered.

Malted Barley–Barley is also very crucial, like hops mentioned above. Even if it is possible to use other cereals like rye, wheat or even rice, barley is the most prominent cereal used for brewing purposes. It is the level and kind of roasting of the barley that is done that will determine the final texture, taste and hue of the beer.

Each of the ingredients can be sourced locally but careful attention should be paid to the composition of each ingredient as the beer factory setup cost in Indiais done. Now that the four main ingredients have been discussed, the next thing to shed more light on, are the equipment needed.

Equipment Needed

Once the location or site of the brewery has been sorted, the next thing that is to be considered will be the equipment and the beer brewing machine cost in India. It is very important at this stage to point out that the costs of the microbrewery equipment will form a very significant fraction of the total expenses. For those who are interested in getting the most excellent equipment should expect to fork out a lot but another option for those with a limited budget is that they can purchase the second-hand equipment kit. A standard microbrewery complex is expected to have the following:


  • Cooling System: This consists of the refrigerating unit and the ice liquid reservoir.
  • Fermentation System: This is made up of the cooling pump, fermentation reservoir and the yeast inclusion device.
  • Filtration System: This is composed of the filtration pump and the filter diameter tank.
  • Mash System: It consists of the malt milling machine, electric stream generator, mash tank, wort pump and the plat heat exchanger.
  • ControlSystem: It consists of the meter controlling panel and the refrigerating board.
  • Cleaning System: This is made up of the washing unit, sterilization set and the alkali liquor tank.

Having the equipment is one thing, it is another thing to ensure that they are very well-maintained. If the equipment, for example, all the stainless-steel facilities, are properly maintained and taken care of, they can be really durable – for years. What this implies is that having a successful microbrewery and proper beer plant cost is a combination of having the right tools and equipment and more importantly, the right hands to utilize them.

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