How to choose Microbrewery Equipment, commercial and nano beer industry?

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in today’s world. With the popularity soaring up so high most of the people today are aiming at the beginning with the microbrewery equipment business. Honestly, beer has become one of the most exclusive and consumed drinks around the world. Thus, the rise of microbrewery manufacturers cannot be denied.

Each beer is different and has a different flavor. Most of the recipes serve different types of purposes and hence the microbrewery manufacturers are adopting it. The beverage production has improved a lot in the past based on the industrial output and home preparations. No matter how exciting this sound, each beer preparation requires microbrewery equipment, and comes with its own type of challenges.

One of the most common challenges stands with microbrewery equipment. Each type of beer preparation requires a different type of equipment.

Microbrewery Equipment

If you are getting microbrewery equipment for your home brewing item, know that you are going to need equipment but on a small scale. Microbreweries are the small breweries also known as a craft brewery. The process of selecting microbrewery equipment would require you to follow the steps below:

Batch Size

Based on the number of batches you produce using craft breweries, it should be matching your requirements. The quantities produced should match your small scale business requirements, so that you can cope up with the beer supplies. However the small scale business quantity should be a lot lesser than that of large scale business quantity.

Personnel Requirements

Whenever you are setting up a microbrewery, the equipment should always be matching your requirements. Nonetheless, it should be less as per your personnel requirement, for spending too much would prove to be expensive and harmful for your business.


Microbrewery equipment maintenance is generally easy. Nonetheless, special care should be taken for this equipment to avoid any extra maintenance charges and fast breakdown.

Nano Beer

Nano beer also refers to craft brewery but with beer produced in small batches. Nonetheless, nano beers are prepared in limited quantity to ensure nothing goes away as waste. Nonetheless comparatively, the nano beers can last for around three barrels maximum.

While selecting nano brewery equipment, you should focus on the following

Batch Size

The beer produced in nano-brewery should match that of beer barrels. Excessive production can lead to wastage.


Since the workforce is pretty less with nano beer equipment, the maintenance should be less as well. This is extremely necessary for nano brewers for they are brewing beer go meet the personal requirements. Moreover, small scale businesses often cannot match up to the additional maintenance requirements depending on the brewery equipment.

Personnel Requirements

The requirements for nano beer manufacturing fluctuates a lot, which is why it is necessary to take proper care of them. Moreover, a personal requirement in the case of nano beer manufacturing is very much limited.


Most of the times, these nano beer equipment do not require any additional hardware such as pressure gauge and thermometers. Nonetheless, these are usually given with the main brewing kit. As a result, it is necessary to check if the main kit contains all the components or whether you need to add any extra one.

Based on your requirements, you may start a microbrewery equipment business. Cost, after-sales and all matter a lot when it is about the equipment manufacturing.

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