Important components of Microbrewery Equipments

Microbrewery is an art and it is not even a new one, it has been practiced for centuries. But the advent of products of technology like the Internet has led to an explosion in its popularity. To get the best result from the art, then one has to choose the best of microbrewery equipment.

There are several reasons as to why this is important to select the best of microbrewery equipment. However, the overwhelming reason for this is because it has to do with getting optimal quality at the end of it all. When brewing beer or any other alcoholic drink, the quality of the taste is everything. But as hinted, that will depend a lot on the kind of equipment used.

With that point made, the next thing to be focused on here is the finest equipment. This is what can turn your microbrewery into real art. In the following sections, there will be focus on this question. Here are the most important components of microbrewery equipment:

Lautering Unit using brewery equipment

After the mashing of ingredients is done using microbrewery equipment, there is a product called wort that is produced. It has high sugar content. It has to be sieved from the remaining cereals. So, a lautering unit is absolutely needed as part of the microbrewery equipment. This is done by boiling the mash over again and then circulated repeatedly. At the end of the process, some water is added to the mash. This is to separate the extra sugar. This process is often handled by the Lauter tun.

Mashing Unit

The cereals needed for the beer are procured for the brewing with the microbrewery equipment, either wheat, rice or typically millet. The next thing to do is to pour into the mashing unit where water is added. Then the temperature is increased. The mixture is left in the mashing unit for a while. This is until the cereal mix becomes a combination of sugars.

Brewery Unit

This is considered to be one of the most important, if not the most important of all the components that make up the microbrewery equipment. To do the brewing, a special device called Brew kettle is needed. It is inside this brewer that the boiling of the wort is done. This is alongside the addition of hops and other flavors. The latter determine the final taste of the beer using microbrewery equipment.

The essence of the boiling at this stage is to purify the wort that has been produced in the earlier process. Another important aspect of the brewing is that the flavors that are not needed are boiled off. All the particulates are also removed using microbrewery equipment. Of all the microbrewery equipment listed out, the brewery unit is very crucial.

Fermentation and Cooling Unit

The temperature of the wort is reduced to a particular level. Then the next thing that has to be done is the fermentation using microbrewery equipment. This is initiated once the cooling has been done. To commence fermentation, yeast is added to the wort inside a special unit.

At this juncture, it must be clearly stated that the selection of the fermentation vessel used is extremely important. This is because the purity reached this level will determine a lot how the output (beer) is going to be at the end of the day. If there is any part of the microbrewery equipment that should be chosen with extreme care, it will be the fermentation and cooling unit.


After the beer has been produced from the fermentation vessel which is another part of the microbrewery equipment, it has to be quickly taken away from the container. The reason why this is important is so as to separate it from the used yeast. This step is very important because used yeast can be toxic.

Even in cases where the strain used is not toxic, it still has to be removed. This is because it will end up damaging the eventual taste and flavor of the beer you are producing. Once that is done, the next step is to pour the beer inside the conditioner. This is so that it can be subjected to the processes of resting and maturation. With microbrewery equipment, conditioning of the beer can last for up to weeks or even some months in some cases. It all depends on precisely what the brewer has in mind as far as the eventual beer is considered.

Filtration Unit

Using microbrewery equipment, if there is anything that really determines the eventual taste and flavor of the beer, then it has to be how the filtering was done.  But it has to be pointed out that even though filtration is important, it is possible for a brewer not to make use of it as part of microbrewery equipment. There are different types of filtration units. So, a brewer can always select which one is most appropriate for the type of beer that they are brewing. Some filtration units are also so sophisticated that they can eliminate pathogens from the beer mix.

Packaging Unit

With microbrewery equipment, getting a packaging unit will all depend on how the beer is to be distributed. For brewers who are doing the sales within the proximity of where the beer was brewed, they can do without packaging units and containers making up microbrewery equipment.

However, for those who have a different style and plan for sales, they will need various containers. These are aluminum cans, bottles, kegs and other forms of packaging as part of their microbrewery equipment. All these will be used to package the beer. So, it can easily be transported to different destinations. The best of all packaging systems embedded as part of microbrewery equipment are those that are done using the highest levels full of standards and accuracy. Such ensures excellence at all stages of the beer transportation – from the brewery to the pub.

After outlining the microbrewery equipment and the different components that make it up, it is interesting to know that a brewer can acquire it in different ways. There are some brewers who have the skills and expertise to build their own microbrewery equipment but for those who are not able to construct theirs, the good news is that there are different companies and factories that specialize in the construction, sales, and maintenance of all kinds of equipment.


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